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This study has been designed to examine the digitalization of resources in academic libraries in Pakistan. The world continues its flow of digitalization through the internet such as people starting jobs online, online selling and purchasing businesses, online shares, and investment during the time of Coronavirus. Hence, the digitalization of libraries has no exemption. A purposive sampling technique has been employed to select 16 participants (8 students and 8 library professionals) from the academic library of the University of Gujrat. Further, an interview guide has been developed to conduct case studies. The data collection process takes place within ten working days. Similarly, the data has been presented as a thematic analysis and discussion has been made accordingly to conclude. The study findings conclude that academic libraries digitalize their resources for the smooth running of academic activities for the library patrons including AV aids, e-books, e-journals, online databases, online library services, e-resources, internal facilities, online discussion forums, online queries, and provisional material online.