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This paper discussed infopreneurship skills as a means toward achieving sustainability in librarianship. The excruciating economic reality prevalent in Nigeria today and globally has compelled librarians and other professional practitioners to consider other means of income to support salary paid job to survive in this era of economic quagmire and also sustain professional relevance in the 21st century. Infopreneurship skills has been identify as skills required to boast economic of a nation and maintaining sustainability in Librarianship, with the advent of information communication technology (ICT) where information is gotten at the fingertip. This paper started with the introduction of the concepts; it discussed the benefits of engaging in infoprenurship by librarians and library and information professionals; if further discussed the importance of infopreneurship, and finally discussed the challenges facing infoprenurs . The paper concluded by saying that infopreneurship is a very vital opportunities that librarians should embraced as means of wealth creation and recommended that policy of practical approach to infoprenuerial skills should be incorporated into the curriculum of library and information science for sustainability in librarianship and national economic growth.