Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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Fall 10-21-2023

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This study examines the role of academic libraries in supporting distance education at the University of Business and Integrated Development Studies in Ghana. The findings highlight the importance of digital access and resources, information literacy instruction and support services, collaborative partnerships, and user satisfaction. The study reveals that academic libraries have made significant investments in digital collections, ensuring remote access to a wide range of scholarly materials for distance learners. Information literacy programs and support services are crucial in equipping students with research skills and enhancing their academic success. Collaborative partnerships between librarians, faculty, and other stakeholders integrate library services into the distance education curriculum. User satisfaction demonstrates the effectiveness of library support in meeting the needs of remote learners. Based on the findings, recommendations are provided to enhance library support for distance education, including continuous investment in digital resources, strengthening information literacy instruction, and encouraging collaborations and partnerships. By implementing these recommendations, academic libraries can enhance their support for distance education and contribute to student success.