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Research is subsisting and necessary part of modern university, therefore the significance of publication in the growth and development of the library profession cannot be overestimated. This study focused on the effects of self-concept, knowledge sharing and utilization on research productivity of librarians in public university in South-West Nigeria. Descriptive survey design was adopted; a total of one hundred and seven-four (174) respondents were selected for the study and 134 copies of the questionnaires were returned and virtually used for the study. The result showed that the level of publication of librarians is moderately high. There was relative effects of self concept (β =0.253, P < 0.05 and knowledge utilization (β = 0.216, P < 0.05) on research productivity of librarians in public universities in South-West while, knowledge Sharing (β = -0.144, P >0.05) was not relatively significant on research productivity. Furthermore, the finding established that the joint effect of self concept, knowledge sharing and knowledge utilization on research productivity was significant (F (3,130) = 6.067; R = 0.350, R2 = 0.123, Adj. R2 = 0.103; P < 0.05). It was concluded that librarians who possess high self-concept and who properly make use of knowledge gained through knowledge sharing will have high research productivity. It was recommended that internal seminar and workshops should be organized every quarter of the year where it will be made compulsory for each librarian to present a quality paper. This will encourage knowledge sharing and will increase librarians’ zeal to utilize knowledge and also have more research publications.

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