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This study is about knowledge sharing behavior in dairy sector. Two-hundred middle managers (with professional qualifications) from five industrial units in Pakistan were selected for study. Fifty-seven managers participated in the study (29 percent of the sample). Research model and hypotheses were based on behavioral theories, i.e., TRA, TPB, and TAM. Data were collected through a questionnaire using Likert scale. Spearman’s and Pearson’s correlation coefficients and structural equation model among different variables tested hypotheses of the research modal. The study proved that attitude, intention, and behavior had accepted mutual positive direct effects for knowledge sharing in dairy sector. Conversely, subjective norms and perceived behavioral control had non-significant values but weak positive direct effects toward knowledge sharing. Findings of this study are useful for better understanding about behavioral influences for knowledge sharing. Furthermore, it is of practical use for the organizational administration involved in knowledge management initiatives in geographical circumstances of Pakistan.