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Walia, Paramjeet K and Gupta Monika (2013). Usability analysis of Homepage of Websites of National Libraries in Asia. Library Philosophy and Practice.


This paper aims to study the usability features of selected national libraries’ websites of Asia with regard to their general features of website, URL, window title, date and time, navigation, content, search and graphic and animation. A usability evaluation checklist was designed on the basis of guidelines given by Neilson and NIC (National Informative Centre) which was grouped into eight major criteria. After evaluating the homepage of selected websites under study it was found that the National Library of Japan is at rank number one among 23 national libraries of Asia and National Library of Maldives at the bottom rank. The study was limited to the homepage of national libraries’ websites of Asia which were general in nature and national libraries having collection in specific subjects are excluded. This study compares the national libraries in terms of different usability features employed on its websites. The results of this report could be also useful to the national libraries themselves as a means for quality checking and self-improvement.