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The study gives an insight into awareness and use of lobbying and advocacy as strategic approach for improving library and information services in Nigeria with special reference to libraries in Imo state. A well-structured questionnaire was used as instrument for data collection with a sample size of forty (40). The study reveals that librarians in Imo state are aware of the place of lobbying and advocacy in improvement of library and information services. The head librarians in the various libraries were identified to be involved in lobbying and advocacy. The reasons for integrating lobbying and advocacy into library and information services is to improve provision of funds, provision of library materials and as well create awareness on the importance of library. The techniques used in lobbying and advocacy as revealed in the study ranges from face to face meeting with policy makers / legislators and using of friends of library. However, limited access to legislators / policy makers, lukewarm attitude of librarians, lack of librarians in politics were identified as factors militating against effective lobbying and advocacy. The study recommends improvement in leaderships of libraries, good rapport between heads of libraries and policy makers and change of attitude among librarians. The study concludes that lobbying and advocacy has become a pertinent instrument for creating awareness of the place of the library and improving library and information services.