Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln




This paper examines the security management for prevention of book thefts in University libraries with Benue State University Library, Makurdi. Benue State. Nigeria serving as a case study. The aim of the study was to identify the causes of book thefts and mutilation in University libraries and how to curb and preserve the continuous use of this information resources in the library. The survey research method was employed. Questionnaire are the main instrument for data collection. Frequency, tables, percentages is the main statistical tools used for data analysis. Results of the analysis showed that the university library books are stolen and mutilated due to inadequate library materials, financial constraint and selfishness on the part of library users. It was also discovered that various methods were adopted for stealing and mutilating of the library books which include: tearing of book page(s) off, removing of the book jacket cover, hiding of books under their clothes and their pockets. Some recommendations were proffered to eradicate theft and mutilation in university libraries. Some of these recommendations are: that University libraries should provide photocopying services to enable the library users photocopy books that are few in the library. The study also recommends that university management should provide adequate library materials to meet the information needs of their users.