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Presented at University of Nebraska Medical Center, Center for Continuing Education, Faculty Development Center, May 8, 2014.


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Copyright = exclusive rights to ...
Creative Works
Pre-existing works
Words & phrases
Copyright is property
Copyright is federal law.
Copyright Registration
What is in copyright ?
Copyright renewal (1923-1963)
Works created by officers or agents of the United States government
The doctrine of “fair use”—Section 107. The 4 criteria
Libraries exemption, §108
Instructional exemption §110

Author Rights
Best case scenario
Journal sends “copyright transfer agreement”: Why do they do that ?
Publisher Rules of Possession
Read the Contract ! Before You Sign It !
The SPARC Addendum
Creative Commons licenses
Campus Mandates
Author Rights You Want
Copyright education is needed to reclaim public and academic rights
Things Publishers Believe
Publishers’ requirements
Why libraries should become publishers
Georgia State Univ. case: Amount of “fair use” defined !
Transformative use: the Google Books decision
Stepped up enforcement, criminal penalties, and the case of Aaron Swartz
Open Access will fundamentally change scholarly publishing.
The next 20 years will see … … an ongoing struggle for control of the intellectual property produced by university faculty (often with government funding).

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