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Paul Royster

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Presentation made to UCARE seminar, August 5, 2015


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UCARE is the program for Undergraduate Creative Activity and Research at University of Nebraska–Lincoln. It gives college students the opportunity to be co-researchers and co-authors with university faculty. This presentation concerns the digital preservation and online distribution of those research products. It interprets the story of Noah's Ark, not as a historical fable, but as an existential one—an illustration of the digital flood constantly ongoing around us at every moment. Noah did not discriminate between "good" and "bad" animals; he included every species. When the time came, he released all the animals back into the world, having preserved them for just that reason. UCARE participants have a research product; UNL Digital Commons has the floating structure to 1) preserve it, and 2) re-release it out into the world. Your content is Google-indexed, linkable from social, professional, and personal-credential media. There is no cost, and the depositors maintain their copyright ownership. The Digital Commons sends downloads worldwide and provides depositors with author feedback information on searches and downloads. The UNL Digital Commons also published original materials in journals and monographs. Its size helps attract users and search engines. The national and international branding of these popular materials benefits the university. Final challenge to UCARE participants: "These stupid cats have a bigger Internet presence than you. What are you going to do about it?"

Supplemental file (below) is a sample poster used to demonstrate the deposit procedure.

Sample Research Presentation Poster.pdf (414 kB)
(for uploading demo)