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Slides from a talk presented by Sue Ann Gardner at the spring 2016 Coalition for Networked Information meeting (April 5, 2016) in San Antonio, Texas. Session: Publishing Programs in Academic Libraries. Presenters: Bryn Geffert, Amherst College, and Sue Ann Gardner, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Abstract also available at


Copyright 2016, the authors. Used by permission.


This presentation will include the parameters by which an effective, at-cost publishing program may be structured in academic libraries. With advances in technology, electronic storage, and connectivity, and contrary to the claim that such activities may result in a “race to the bottom,” libraries have proven to be natural entities within which to effect a paradigm change in scholarly publishing. Activities to date, however, have been more often than not underfunded and understaffed. Even among those that have been well supported, efforts across the community have been ad hoc. Within the context of recent initiatives and discussions, the authors will outline an emerging model, including staffing, budgeting, and workflow requirements, that is viable and allows for local constraints. The collective output of such operations will serve to mitigate some of the challenges posed by academia’s partnership with the current, established publishing conglomerate.


Includes information on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries publishing test case, metrics pertaining to the academic publishing market, and details about what constitutes craft publishing.


Small-scale publishing in hundreds of libraries in the United States is viable and can serve to balance the economics of the current scholarly publishing market.


Sue Ann Gardner, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Paul Royster, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Linnea Fredrickson, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Brian Rosenblum, University of Kansas

Ada Emmett, University of Kansas