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Presentation for Heartland Users Group Meeting, Rolla, MO, October 12-13, 2017.


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Survey of the history of the UNL DigitalCommons institutional repository: background, mission, usage, contents, trends, popularity, segments by series type, relative performance, IR assets, voluntary participation, faculty trust, results vis-a-vis SSRN, ResearchGate &, allies, obstacles, complaints, collection vs. service, gatekeepers, inclusiveness, ease of participation, feedback, disorder, the joy of giving, supplemental files, watermarking, encryption, customizations, base expansion, alerts, tracking faculty productivity, student workers, "Putting lipstick on the post-prints," packaging, publishing, journals, monographs, opportunity, publisher propaganda, the future, asymmetric contests, Elsevier as T. rex, innovation, disruption, control, Borges on the unknowables, pie chart of the universe, the physics of information, the coming movement of the earth, cats on a journey.