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Elizabeth Lorang

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Lorang, Elizabeth, "Patterns, Collaboration, Practice: Algorithms as Editing for Historic Periodicals," American Antiquarian Society Spring Symposium 2018, Editorship as Collaboration: Patterns of Practice in Multi-Ethnic Periodicals, Worcester, MA, April 28, 2018.


This presentation positions my recent work on the algorithmic “discovery” of poetic material in historic newspapers within the contexts of my various roles as an editor of periodical literature and also consider how duplicative processes and algorithms encode principles and values and function as editorial acts. Ultimately, I hope to pose a range of questions to prompt discussion around the place (or not) of machine learning in identifying and selecting texts and bodies of work; what ideas we’re actually exploring/are able to explore when we enlist technology in stages of this work; and the stakes of these activities, whether human or machine, for periodicals from under-represented communities in particular.