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Slides of a presentation given at the Annual American Library Association Conference, 4:00 - 5:00 PM, Saturday, June 23, 2018, Morial Convention Center, Room 293, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.


Copyright 2018, the authors. Used by permission.


Being a giver will help you succeed. This interactive presentation will focus on the practical application of Adam Grant’s theories about give and take. We will identify the different types of Givers, Matchers and Takers. Grant argues that the most effective organizations and teams have a culture of giving. Interestingly, the best and worst performing people in any organization are both Givers. Why does giving propel some people to the top and drag others down? Don’t be a victim of your own success! Giving strategically can increase your impact and prevent burnout. We will define effective giving and demonstrate how strategic selfless giving benefits the individual and the organization. Using stories, tips, and exercises we will illustrate strategies for developing a mindset for success. You will leave with a personal strategy for effective giving.

ALA Unit/Subunit: ACRL.

Meeting Type: Program.

Cost: Included with full conference registration.

Open/Closed: Open.