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Slides of a presentation given at the Nebraska Library Association All Round Table Spring Meeting, Seward, Nebraska, April 7, 2017.


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Wikipedia is 16 years old this year. It is ranked the 5th most visited site on the World Wide Web. Many librarians and information specialists have a love hate relationship with this open access, free internet encyclopedia. Searching for information sometimes exposes: a lack of information, or even, existence of entries on specific topics; inaccurate information; or results in the frustration of a research dead end due to articles lacking references. Wikipedia is, of course, a collaboratively edited resource. A Wikipedia WikiProject is a group of contributors working together to improve the Wikipedia information and the pages on a particular topic or subject area. The library community is a logical group of potential participants to be involved in improving and expanding Wikipedia’s topics and articles. Be a part of providing quality content, updating, improving, editing, providing sources, or fact-checking areas in any area of personal interest and/or expertise. How to take a role in shaping the future of a WikiProject, and become involved at a level with which each individual is comfortable, will be highlighted.