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Open Access Week, October 30, 2023

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From 2005 through 2023, the UNL Digital Commons grew to be a leading example of an institutional repository. This presentation reports on personnel, history, strategy, and outstanding examples of series or contributors.

Announcement about the session:

UNL Digital Commons began in 2005 and grew into America’s 3rd-largest and most-trafficked institutional repository. Approaching 100 million downloads and spreading UNL scholarship and branding across the globe, the UNL Digital Commons boasts works from a wide variety of affiliated faculty, researchers, and students. Their participation is opening the dissemination of scholarship in radical and fundamental ways. In this session, Paul Royster traces this program’s growth from its beginning to now—the strategies, the supporters, the surprises, and the impact on the campus and the world.

Short History of the UNL Digital Commons

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