Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Date of this Version

March 2008


Presented at the University of Nebraska Consortium of Libraries Workshop, East Campus Union, Lincoln, NE, March 20, 2008.


What is an Institutional Repository ?
How long have these been around ?
What’s the purpose ?
Lately in the news:
What does a repository consist of ?
What systems are “out there” ?
Advantages of commercial package
Advantages and Disadvantages of open source systems
UNL’s history
UNL’s rank
Building contents
Services we offer
Who can participate ?
What do they deposit ?
Who are the biggest participants?
Usage: 3-year history
How do they find us ?
Google-originated downloads
Publishing original content
NIH PubMed Central deposits
UNL Libraries & NIH mandate
We are doing this because ...
How it works:
For those facing this