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Presented at Innovative Interfaces Meeting, Oakland, CA, April 23, 2009.


The Library ILS brings information from the World to the Campus and from the Campus to the World

Today’s Challenge
• Different local databases function as separate Intelligence Agencies that do not talk to one another
• Need to integrate the searching of the individual, unique databases
• Need interfiled records for local databases with traditional catalog entries
• Move beyond just linking to databases

Think “Harvesting” • Need to move from silos to organic markets that bring everything together without creating duplicate work
• Goal: a single search engine that brings together the catalog with the unique digital collections we are creating

Reaching the Goal with ENCORE
• Identify databases for harvesting
•Prepare databases for harvesting
•Harvest the data
• Integrate the display

• Technical issues were addressed while the system was available to patrons. Students coped well with the changing environment.
• Concerns of librarians and staff need to be addressed so staff do not discourage faculty and students from using the next generation search engine.