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Paul Royster

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Presented at TSRT 2012 Spring Meeting, April 13, 2012, Bellevue University. (Nebraska Library Association Technical Services Round Table).


Objectives of an institutional repository vs. traditional library

Why DigitalCommons ?

Campus Outreach

The "self‐archiving" fallacy (fishing metaphor)

So I improved the offer

work‐study students

Lester A. Larson Tractor Museum

A Third Strategy

Reaching "critical mass"

Years 1 - 6 statistics

Rank in US

Keys to repository popularity

Who has most articles/most downloads?

Every month authors get an email with:

Keys to successful faculty buy-in

4 approaches to recruiting faculty works

Services UNL Digital Commons provides

Copyright & Permissions

Good & Evil (publishers)

Original publications: Zea Books

The Library as publisher

What’s been different: UNL vs. other repositories

Taking back scholarly communication

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