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College & Undergraduate Libraries 20:2 (2013), pp. 127–143.

doi: 10.1080/10691316.2013.789658


Copyright © 2013 Catherine Fraser Riehle and Sharon A. Weiner; published by Taylor & Francis. Used by permission.


There is an expectation that college students graduate with competency in information literacy. Ideally, institutions of higher education integrate these competencies throughout their curricula in a progressive manner. High-impact educational practices contribute to student success. The purpose of this article is to examine recent literature about five of the high-impact educational practices (capstone experiences, learning communities, service learning and community-based learning, undergraduate research, and writing-intensive courses) to understand the extent to which they include the integration of information literacy competencies. The article includes recommendations for practice and research in the areas of assessment, pedagogy, and program planning.