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MANTER: Journal of Parasite Biodiversity (ISSN 2470-8224) Occasional Papers, Number 17, October 15, 2021.

doi: 10.32873/unl.dc.manter17


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Between 1817 and 1835 Johann Natterer collected 1,729 samples of endoparasitic helminths in Brazil and southern Venezuela. Of the 323 names that were assigned to the collected nematode specimens, 163 are still valid and accepted species, 84 are still doubtful, and 76 must be rejected. In this work, each name is analyzed and correlated to the literature to clarify its taxonomic status.

The purpose of this review of the material collected by Natterer is to establish a complete list of all described species; their current status; and whether they are valid species, synonyms, or nomen nudum as well as to update the hosts and the original dates and localities where they were collected.