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Folia Parasitologica (2006) 53: 1–36

Review article


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A list of myxozoan genera is presented in the current taxonomical scheme. These genera are defined; their type species and most important pathogens along with their hosts are listed. Simultaneously, definitions of actinospore stages representing sexual stages of the myxosporean life cycle are given; altogether, 17 actinospore collective groups with 180 types have been described. Life cycles of the two classes of the phylum Myxozoa, Malacosporea and Myxosporea, are briefly outlined with specification of the appropriate terms. Up to now, 4 malacosporean and 2,180 myxosporean species assigned to a total of 62 genera, have been established. The surviving classification of myxosporeans, based on spore morphology, is discussed in the context of the still fragmentary data resulting from SSU rDNA sequence analyses. The main task for the future is a rigorous, detailed morphological description combined with molecular techniques in establishment of new species and in revision of the existing ones. Establishment of a classification acceptable from morphological, biological and phylogenetical viewpoints is necessary.