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Journal of Parasitology (December 1919) 6(2): 49-64.

Also appeared as Contributions from the Zoological Laboratory of the University of Illinois, number 145.


Public domain material.


In this paper are published data on three new species of Myxosporidia. Two species were observed in Lake Erie as parasites of a minnow; the third came from a species of Pacific salmon. Both cases present some unusual features that seem worthy of record.

Included are descriptions of Myxobolus aureatus nov. spec., Henneguya brachyura nov. sp., and Henneguya salminicola nov. spec.

I am greatly indebted to my colleague, Dr. Rokusaburo Kudo, for valuable assistance given while I was working up the material. The beautiful sketch illustrating the species from Lake Erie was prepared by Mrs. H. S. Jennings, to whom my thanks are due for the courtesy.

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