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Journal of Parasitology (March 1915) 1(3): 135-150.


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While studying the blood parasites Halteridium and Proteosoma, and the Filaria of the common crow (Corvus americana), my attention was attracted by an external parasite of some young nestlings which were brought into the laboratory. Observations on this parasite, which proved to be the larva of Protocalliphora azurea (Fall.), form the basis of this paper. The parasite is the immature form of one of the so-called "blue-bottle" or flesh-flies, whose larvae are generally regarded as useful scavengers. More careful observations on the life-histories of many species, however, have shown that they may be, and often are, parasites of the higher animals.

The work was undertaken with the double purpose of seeking further knowledge of this parasitic habit of certain Sarcophagidae and of increasing the knowledge of the systematic characters in the group. It was carried on in the Entomological Laboratory of Cornell University under the direction of Professor Wiiliam A. Riley, to whom I am gratefully indebted for continued suggestion and aid. I am also indebted to Professor O. A. Johannsen, whose aid in the systematic part has been invaluable.

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