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Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station Circular number 11 (January 1937).


United States government work. Public domain material.


Gizzard-worms of poultry, Cheiloapirura hamulosa, are nematodes occurring in the gizzards of chickens and turkeys.

Summary and Conclusions

Previous to this report the carriers for the gizzard-worm in Hawaii were unknown. Recent investigations by the writer have shown that the flour beetle, Tenebroides nana, and the sand hopper, Orchestia platensis, collected from poultry farms in the Territory of Hawaii have been found naturally infested with the infective larvae of the poultry gizzard-worm, Cheilospirura hamulosa. Out of 8 laboratory-raised chickens to which there were fed about 2,300 grasshoppers that had been collected in an endemic gizzard-worm area, two became infested with gizzard-worms.

The invertebrates which have been experimentally determined to serve as intermediate hosts for the gizzard-worm are: Three species of grasshoppers, a species of sand hopper, and ten species of beetles.

On the basis of the above finding it follows that control measures for gizzard-worms involve mainly frequent removal of chicken manure from the poultry yards and prevention of fowls from eating beetles, grasshoppers and sand hoppers.