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Johnson, Jean L., and Ravipreet S. Sohi. "The development of interfirm partnering competence: Platforms for learning, learning activities, and consequences of learning." Journal of Business Research 56.9 (2003): 757-766.


Copyright © 2003 Elsevier Science Inc. Used by permission.


This study investigated factors within the firm that encourage organizational learning activities. The authors suggest that when the appropriate factors are present, the firm will more likely engage in learning activities integral in the development of interfirm partnering competence. The conditions for building partnering competence are found in the firm's culture and climate in the form of learning intent, receptivity, and transparency. In addition, the authors suggested that learning-related activities would generate some positive influence on specific interfirm relationships (IFRs). The authors tested these ideas on data from a multiindustry mail survey. Results largely conformed to expectations. The platform variables, for the most part, enhanced learning activities in building partnering competence. In turn, learning activities focused on partnering competence led to more effective and efficient IFRs and greater commitment in the relationship.