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In Proceedings of the Conference on Promoting Undergraduate Research in Mathematics (2007)


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The Department of Mathematics at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln (UNL) has several programs which promote undergraduate research in a variety of ways. Two of these are summer programs which draw from a national applicant pool: The Nebraska REU in Applied Mathematics (Section 1) is a traditional NSF-funded REU site, and Nebraska IMMERSE (Section 2) offers a summer “bridge” program (with a research bent) for students about to start graduate school in mathematics. IMMERSE is a relatively new program, started in 2004 as part of the department’s Mentoring through Critical Transition Points (MCTP) grant from NSF. The MCTP grant also is now the primary source of funding for two conferences involving undergraduate research which the department launched in 1999: The Nebraska Conference for Undergraduate Women in Mathematics (NCUWM) (Section 3) and the Regional Workshop in the Mathematical Sciences (Section 4). The bulk of the program at NCUWM consists of talks by undergraduates on their own research, and, while the original goal of the Regional Workshop was to forge and maintain ties between faculty at smaller college and universities, it has recently been expanded to provide a forum for undergraduates to present their research. Finally, we offer several opportunities for our own undergraduates to do research: the MCTP Undergraduate Scholars program (Section 5), the Research for Undergraduates in Theoretical Ecology (RUTE) program (Section 6), the Undergraduate Creative Activities and Research Experiences (UCARE) program (Section 7), and two upper-level undergraduate courses which aim to give students a taste of mathematics research (Section 8). This article provides a brief overview of each of these programs; more details can be found online at