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2020 Mathematics Subject Classification. Primary: 13D02, 13D40. Secondary: 14M10, 16E45.


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We study sequences of Betti numbers (βRi (M)) of finite modules M over a complete intersection local ring, R. It is known that for every M the subsequence with even, respectively, odd indices i is eventually given by some polynomial in i. We prove that these polynomials agree for all R-modules if the ideal I generated by the quadratic relations of the associated graded ring of R satisfies height I ≥ codim R − 1, and that the converse holds when R is homogeneous and when codim R ≤ 4. Avramov, Packauskas, and Walker [10] subsequently proved that the degree of the difference of the even and odd Betti polynomials is always less than codim R − height I − 1. We give a different proof, based on an intrinsic characterization of the residue rings of complete intersection local rings of minimal multiplicity obtained in this paper.