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arXiv:2009.11800v3 [math.AC] 13 May 2021


To appear in the Nagoya Mathematical Journal

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A local ring R is regular if and only if every finitely generated R-module has finite projective dimension. Moreover, the residue field k is a test module: R is regular if and only if k has finite projective dimension. This characterization can be extended to the bounded derived category Df(R), which contains only small objects if and only if R is regular. Recent results of Pollitz, completing work initiated by Dwyer-Greenlees-Iyengar, yield an analogous characterization for complete intersections: R is a complete intersection if and only if every object in Df(R) is proxy small. In this paper, we study a return to the world of R-modules, and search for finitely generated R-modules that are not proxy small whenever R is not a complete intersection. We give an algorithm to construct such modules in certain settings, including over equipresented rings and Stanley-Reisner rings.