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Published (2023) Advances in Mathematics, 432, art. no. 109276, . DOI: 10.1016/j.aim.2023.109276


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Levasseur and Stafford described the rings of differential operators on various classical invariant rings of characteristic zero; in each of the cases that they considered, the differential operators form a simple ring. Towards an attack on the simplicity of rings of differential operators on invariant rings of linearly reductive groups over the complex numbers, Smith and Van den Bergh asked if differential operators on the corresponding rings of positive prime characteristic lift to characteristic zero differential operators. We prove that, in general, this is not the case for determinantal hypersurfaces, as well as for Pfaffian and symmetric determinantal hypersurfaces. We also prove that, with very few exceptions, these hypersurfaces—and, more generally, classical invariant rings—do not admit a mod p2 lift of the Frobenius endomorphism.