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Published (2023) Journal of Differential Equations, 372, pp. 315-347.


Used by permission.


This article concerns the long term behavior of solutions to a structural acoustic model consisting of a semilinear wave equation defined on a smooth bounded domain Ω ⊂ R3 which is coupled with a Berger plate equation acting on a flat portion of the boundary of . The system is influenced by several competing forces, in particular a source term acting on the wave equation which is allowed to have a supercritical exponent.

Our results build upon those obtained by Becklin and Rammaha [8]. With some re- strictions on the parameters in the system and with careful analysis involving the Nehari manifold we obtain global existence of potential well solutions and establish either exponential or algebraic decay rates of energy, dependent upon the behavior of the damping terms. The main novelty in this work lies in our stabilization estimate, which notably does not generate lower-order terms. Consequently, the proof of the main result is shorter and more concise.