Mathematics, Department of


Date of this Version

Summer 2021


Dr. Iwasan Kejawa(2021). Modernization of Scienttific Mathematics Formula In Technology International Journal of Mathematics Trends and Technology, 67(8), 88-102.


Is it true that we solve problem using techniques in form of formula? Mathematical formulas can be derived through thinking of a problem or situation. Research has shown that we can create formulas by applying theoretical, technical, and applied knowledge. The knowledge derives from brainstorming and actual experience can be represented by formulas. It is intended that this research article is geared by an audience of average knowledge level of solving mathematics and scientific intricacies. This work details an introductory level of simple, at times complex problems in a mathematical epidermis and computability and solvability in a Computer Science. Research has shown that there are various ways of creating formulas and solving simple, at times complex problems. Explored. scenarios are introduced and answers are provided in this paper. Thorough ways of getting familiar with logic behind each situation of a critical problem solving has enable us to formulate techniques of creating mathematical formulas. This work also explained how the formulas presented can be solved to attain result. We must justify solving problems with the creation of scientific formula in technology.