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BULLETIN OF The University of Nebraska State Museum, VOLUME 8 NUMBER 4, JUNE 1968, Pp. 217-236 FIGS. 1-41


opyright 1968 University of Nebraska


Five new genera are described; these and the included species are (type species listed first): Dichobrephosceles with Dermaleichus actitidis Canestrini, 1878 (=Brephosceles dolichocaulus Gaud and Mouchet, 1957, new synonymy), D. eroliae, new species (ex: Erolia alpina, England); Homeobrephosceles with Proctophyllodes (A lloptes) discosurus Trouessart, 1886, Brephosceles orthothrix Gaud and Mouchet, 1957; Onychalloptes with Proctophyllodes (Alloptes) microphaeton Trouessart, 1885, Alloptes minutus Trouessart, 1899; Aramolichus with Aramolichus foliatus, new species (ex: Aramus guarauna, Bolivia); Psilobrephosceles with Dermalichus ortygometrae Canestrini, 1878. Species included in the genus Brephosceles (s.s.) are listed; species transferred to Brephosceles are: Proctophyllodes (Pterocolus) fiagellifer discursus Trouessart, 1885; Pterocolus lambda Trouessart 1885; Alloptes marginiventris Trouessart, 1889; Pterodectes pelagicus Vitzthum, 1921.