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June 1997


Published in Journal of Mammalogy 78:2 (1997), pp. 336-341. Copyright © 1997 The American Society of Mammalogists. Used by permission.
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Over the past 25 years, Albert R. and Alma Shadle Fellowships have been awarded to 26 young mammalogists. Of the 26 Shadle Fellows, 20 are men and six are women. Twenty-five of the 26 Fellows remain active in science and are still members of the American Society of Marnmalogists. Shadle Fellows have been selected from 15 academic institutions and 17 professors have served as academic advisors for awardees. Shadle Fellows have already made significant contributions to the American Society of Mammalogists and to their home institutions. Awardees have published an average of 3.2 scientific articles per year per Fellow since they received the fellowship and have received $12 million in grant funds to support their research programs.

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