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From About Bats (B. H. Slaughter and D. W. Walton, editors), Fondren Science Series, Southern Methodist University Press, 1970, p. 3-21.


Copyright 1970, Southern Methodist University. Used by permission.


Provides an overview of the field of chiropteran systematics in a way that will introduce the non-chiropterologist to the subject. By way of example, we have alluded to several aspects of taxonomic research at different levels in the hierarchy. Recourse to the publications cited at the appropriate places in the text will amplify our remarks and provide a solid background in the current work of the discipline.

Basically, taxonomic characters are where the taxonomist finds them; some, but not all, will prove useful also in elucidating relationships and evolutionary descent of taxa. Much remains to be done in these areas, as our discussion hopefully indicates. We would again remind the reader that each of the other papers in this volume can he related, in one way or another, to the overall problem of classification and systematics of bats.