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Bulletin of the Southern California Academy of Sciences (August 1973) 72(2): 106-107.


Copyright 1973, Southern California Academy of Sciences. Used by permission.


Of the 12 measurements analyzed, only length of tail exhibited enough individual variation to warrant its deletion in analysis of geographic or interspecific variation in the genus Choeroniscus. Also, because of the difficulty in consistently taking the measurement, we also suggest elimination of postorbital constriction.

Specimens of Choeroniscus intermedius were found to exhibit significant secondary sexual variation in five of the 12 measurements studied. Therefore, it is clear that males and females should be separated in analyses of variation within members of the genus. Females were found to be the larger in 10 of the 12 measurements--similar to the situation found in several other groups of bats (see for example, Jones and Schwartz, 1967; Jones et al., 1971; Peterson, 1965).