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Prairie Naturalist (September 1996) 28(3): 143-145.


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On the morning of November 10, 1991, a deer hunter in the Pine Ridge area of extreme northwestern Nebraska shot a young female mountain lion (Gertzen, 1991, Omaha World-Herald, November 15, Sunrise ed. p. 17sf; Henion, 1991, Omaha World-Herald, November 15, Metro ed. p. 17). Although mountain lions (Felis concolor) were part of the original mammalian fauna of Nebraska (Jones, 1949, J. Mammal. 30: 313; 1962, Bull Univ. Nebraska State Mus. 4: 87-100; 1964, Univ. Kansas Publ., Mus. Nat. Hist. 16: 1-356), the species has been considered to be extirpated from the state. The most recent record that Jones could confirm was an individual seen in 1903 along Deadmans Creek, 11.3 km S and 5.6 km W of Crawford in Dawes Co., also in the Pine Ridge region of the state. The recent specimen comes from northwest of Crawford with the exact site that it was shot being 8 km N and 22.5 km E of Harrison in Sioux Co. (T32N, R14E, Sec 13).

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