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Occasional Papers of the Museum of Natural History of the University of Kansas (Lawrence, Kansas) Number 5: 1-7 (June 18, 1971).


Copyright 1971, University of Kansas. Used by permission.


In the course of a systematic revision of the spiny pocket mice of the genus Liomys, a series of large, brightly colored mice from several localities in southeastern Jalisco was studied. Individuals in this series appeared to be morphologically distinct from mice typical of Liomys pictus plantinarensis Merriam. 1902, taken in the same traplines at several localities, and from specimens of Liomys irroratus jaliscensis (J. A. Allen, 1906), a taxon that also occurs in southeastern Jalisco. The current studies now have progressed to the point where the large and distinctively colored mice from Jalisco can be defined as a new species which is distinct from, but closely related to, Liomys pictus. The new species is named and described.