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Chapter 6--Mammals: Introduction, pages 355-356, in Species of Special Concern in Pennsylvania (Hugh H. Genoways and Fred J. Brenner, editors). Special Publications, Carnegie Museum of Natural History, 11: vi + 1-430, January 25.


Copyright 1985, Carnegie Museum of Natural History. Used by permission.


First two paragraphs:

The mammals in Pennsylvania have long been under the management authority of the Pennsylvania Game Commission, but it was not until 1978 that an effort was made to deal with threatened and endangered mammals in the Commonwealth. At this time, Michael J. Puglisi was appointed as Coordinator for the Threatened and Endangered Species Program within the Game Commission. In late February 1979, Mr. Puglisi asked Hugh H. Genoways to chair an informal study group on endangered mammals in Pennsylvania. The immediate concern of this group was to be the development of a list of threatened and endangered species. The current list and the following chapter are outgrowths of the work of this informal study group.

The mammal committee of what eventually would be called the Pennsylvania Biological Survey first met on 25 and 26 May 1979 at the Powdermill Nature Reserve of Carnegie Museum of Natural History. The committee was composed of 11 members from universities, colleges, and museums throughout the Commonwealth. At the first meeting classification categories were discussed and agreed upon, and a preliminary list of endangered, threatened, vulnerable, and status undetermined mammals was drawn up. This list was revised and refined through subsequent correspondence. The preliminary list was presented at a public meeting at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in March 1981, and to the Game Commission in Harrisburg at a meeting held in May 1981. With consideration of input from both the public and the Game Commission, the final list, presented here, was agreed upon by the committee.