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Journal of Mammalogy, Supplement (May 1976) 57(2): 1-9.


Copyright 1976, American Society of Mammalogists. Used by permission.


The routine tasks of mammalogists whose research or curatorial activities include collecting, importing, processing, exporting, or interstate transporting of living or dead scientific specimens of mammals have become increasingly complicated by newly enacted (or more rigorously enforced) Federal regulations. These regulations were necessary largely because of the activities of non-scientists, but their provisions have had a tremendous impact on the activities of scientists (especially museum-based systematists and ecologists). Most mammalogists have expressed a willingness to comply with the regulations (although nearly all agree that administration of the permit system should be consolidated into a single office) if they can obtain definitive answers to their questions regarding those regulations. Therefore, the purpose of this summary is to inform the members of the American Society of Mammalogists what they need to do in order to insure that their activities are lawful. To this end, all relevant laws were consulted and summarized and the summaries were sent to the respective Federal agencies for confirmation. The comments and suggestions of personnel representing the agencies that responded were incorporated (where appropriate) into the resulting manuscript before it was distributed to the officers and directors of the American Society of Mammalogists for their approval as a publication of the Society.