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Annals of Carnegie Museum (December 30, 2005) 74(4): 225-274.


United States government work.


An inventory of mammals in the vicinity of Brownsberg Nature Park, Suriname, incorporated a number of different sampling methods including examining museum voucher specimens, an animal-rescue operation, transect surveys, camera photo-traps, and interviews with local inhabitants. We document a total of 125 mammal species present in the Park. These include ten opossums, five pilosans, four armadillos, 58 bats, eight monkeys, 13 carnivores, one tapir, four artiodactyls, and 22 rodents. Nine of these species are reported for the first time from Suriname: one mouse opossum (Marmosops pinheiroi); one naked-backed moustached bat (Pteronotus gymnonotus); four fruit-eating bats (Artibeus bogotensis, A. gnomus, A. obscurus, and A. planirostris); two evening bats (Eptesicus chiriquinus and Myotis riparius); and one arboreal rice rat (Oecomys auyantepui). There are 191 indigenous non-marine mammals presently known from Suriname.