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In A Study of Fountain National Park and Fountain Cavern, Anguilla, West Indies (Jeanne Gurnee, editor), page 22. National Speleological Foundation, 1989.


Copyright 1989, National Speleological Foundation. Used by permission.


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During May 1988, two species of bats--Brachyphylla cavernarum (Antillean cave bat) and Natalus stramineus (funnel-eared bat)--were captured at the opening of Fountain Cavern. Only Brachyphylla cavernarum was captured inside of the cave. The weather was extremely wet during our visit to Anguilla so our work in Fountain Cavern was limited by hazardous conditions. Nevertheless, we did make a thorough survey of the bats inside the cave. There is only one other species on Anguilla--Monophyllus redmani (Antillean long-tongued bat)--that might be expected to utilize Fountain Cavern as a roosting site.

Includes the author's recommendations about conservation for Fountain Cavern.