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Annals of Carnegie Museum (November 7, 1986) volume 55, article 11: 237-296.


Copyright 1986, Carnegie Museum of Natural History. Used by permission.


The Section of Mammals, Carnegie Museum of Museum of Natural History, houses 612 specimens of Recent marine mammals, including 34 cetaceans, 44 polar bears, six sea otters, 499 pinnipeds, and 29 manatees. Families represented in the Order Cetacea include Platanistidae, Physeteridae, Monodontidae, Delphinidae, Phocaenidae, and Balaenopteridae. Families represented in the Order Pinnipedia include Otariidae, Odobenidae, and Phocidae. The single family Trichechidae represents the Order Sirenia in the collection. For each specimen the following data are recorded: date collected, catalog number, sex, age or condylobasal length, nature of specimen, condition of specimen, and comments. The latter category gives information on the condition of the skin and skeletal material, and also explains the availability of the specimen.