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Special Publications / Museum of Texas Tech University, number 71, October 11, 2019, pages v-xi. From Field to Laboratory: A Memorial Volume in Honor of Robert J. Baker.


Copyright 2019, the authors. Used by permission.


Introduction to the memorial volume of Special Publications / Museum of Texas Tech University in honor of Robert J. Baker.

First paragraph:

Herein, we use the word “Overture” not in its first meaning, but rather in its second—“An introduction to something more substantial” ([Def. 2], Oxford Dictionaries, Oxford University Press 2018). In our current case, this is the overture to a memorial volume in honor of our friend and colleague Robert J. Baker. Here, his former students and colleagues have taken time and effort to write 43 essays and scientific articles and 54 personal encomia in demonstration of their respect for a mentor and friend. We hope that you will enjoy, reflect, remember, and be enlightened by the contents of this volume.