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July 1997


Published in NEBRASKAland 75:6 (July 1997), pp. 38-45. Copyright 1997 Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. Used by permission.


They flit around at dusk in crazy patterns. They fly around street lights and dive at rocks thrown in the air. They have high-pitched squeaks and turn up in unexpected places. They have strange, little faces and bizarre ears. They have soft fur and a thin rubbery membrane across their long fingers. They are bats, Nebraska's only flying mammals. Bats are mysterious. Is it because they come out at night and we come out in the daytime? Maybe it is because we associate flying with birds, not mammals. Bats are dark and foreboding, not brightly colored. At first, these mysterious mammals can be frightening, maybe even repulsive, but they are also fascinating, and there is nothing else like them on earth.

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