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Missouri Valley Fauna, Number 3, June 5, 1940, 8 pages.


Occasional Papers on the Animal Life of the Missouri Valley Region, published by Missouri Valley Fauna, Lincoln, Nebraska


The Buffy Plains Pocket-mouse (Perognathus flavescens flavescens) is a typical mammal of the Sandhill Region of Nebraska. Its home, like that of other species of pocket-mice, is a series of burrows in the ground, consisting of several entrance holes leading to the main 'burrow, in which is located the nest and the food storage chambers. In the Nebraska sandhills its burrows and nests are commonly placed beneath clumps of Spanish Bayonet or Prickly Pear Cactus, and the entrance holes usually are so distributed as to open from under the plant in all directions.

The writer had hoped to secure still more specimens, but, not having been able to do so, now proposes that the new subspecies be named Perognathus flavescens olivaceogriseus subsp. nov. Olive-Gray Plains Pocket-Mouse.