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Appendix E, pages 351-394

In Archeological Investigations at Engineer Cantonment: Winter Quarteres of the 1819-1820 Long Expedition, Eastern Nebraska

Edited by John R. Bozell, Gayle F. Carson, and Robert E. Pepperl

Lincoln, Nebraska: History Nebraska, 2018

History Nebraska Publications in Anthropology, number 12


Copyright 2018, Nebraska History. Used by permission.


Historical observations and identifications of plants and animals in the vicinity of Engineer Cantonment in 1819–1820 (James 1822) are shown below in Roman and Roman italic print. Specimens identified through phytoarcheological and zooarcheological analysis of materials and believed to be reasonably associated or contemporaneous with the Long Expedition use of the site (AU4) are shown in boldface. Species present in both the historical and archeological data are marked by an asterisk (*). References used in this compilation include Benedict (1996), Brewer (1970 [1840]), Conant and Collins (1991), Ducey (2000), Evans (1997), Falk et al. (this volume), Genoways et al. (2008), Goodman and Lawson (1995), Jones (1964), Kaul et al. (2011), Lynch (1985), Nepstad-Thornberry and Bozell (this volume), Ord (1815), Page et al. (2013), Peyton (2000), Picha (this volume), Rhoads (1894), Sharpe et al. (2001), Turgeon et al. (1998), and Wilson and Reeder (2005). Modifi ed and revised from Genoways and Ratcliffe (2008).

Includes scientific names, common names, comments, and references cited.