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Journal of Mammalogy (August 1970) 51(3).


Copyright © 1970, American Society of Mammalogists. Used by permission.


Study of specimens collected from critical localities since 1944 reveals that: Neotoma montezumae and N. leucodon zacatecae are indistinguishable from earlier named taxa; N. latifrons is a subspecies of an earlier named taxon; and N. palatina, previously known from only one specimen and thought by some mammalogists to be merely an aberrant individual of Neotoma albigula, is a species distinct from N. albigula as Goldman tentatively decided when he named it 64 years ago. In the narial passage, the partition formed by the vomer that extends well behind the hard palate as a sword-like projection is present in all specimens of N. palatina, but the projection is not present in N. albigula.

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