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September 1967


Published in Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science, Vol. 70, No. 2, 1967. Published September 22, 1967. Copyright © 2008 The American Society of Mammalogists. Used by permission.


Excepting the generalized accounts of Over and Churchill (1945), no attempt has been made previously to summarize the distribution of bats in South Dakota. In 1960, 1961, and again in 1965, field parties from the Museum of Natural History of The University of Kansas collected mammals in that state. Bats obtained by these parties, together with those on deposit in other institutions and the few specimens earlier reported from South Dakota by other workers (see cited literature), form the basis of the present report. Eleven species are here treated; two of these are represented in the state by two subspecies. Of the kinds (species and subspecies) listed, two are recorded from South Dakota for the first time, whereas four have been reported previously from but a single locality in the state. Much remains to be learned about the biology of bats in the Dakota region and it is our hope that this checklist will provide an incentive for additional work.

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