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January 1970


Published in Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science Vol. 73, No. 4, Winter 1970. Copyright © by the Kansas Academy of Science. Used by permission.


Distribution and variation in Mexican representatives of the vespertilionid bat genus Myotis have not been well documented. The most complete modern systematic treatment of these bats is that of Miller and Allen (1928), although these authors examined relatively few specimens and some of their taxonomic conclusions have been modified by more recent studies (see especially Findley, 1960; Findley and Jones, 1967; Genoways and Jones, 1969). In the past two decades, field representatives of the Museum of Natural History at The University of Kansas have obtained large collections of mammals in western Mexico, principally in the states of Jalisco and Sinaloa. Bats of eight species of Myotis are among the specimens thus obtained, and we here summarize pertinent ecologic, taxonomic, and distributional data relative to these taxa. Also provided is a key to members of the genus on the mainland of western Mexico, which it is hoped will prove useful for field recognition of the included species.

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